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The Princess Who Wore Glasses

Piccola Italia had a good website, but they were unhappy with the customer service of their designers, and wanted more control of their website so they could make basic edits such as pricing changes to their menu.  Coming into the project, there was a lot of unknowns about their hosting and domain name ownership, so I came in and started from the beginning.  First, I tracked down their information and transferred all of their information to one place.  This gave the owners of Piccola Italia ownership over their own web presence.

Once we took care of the basic business aspect of the website, I began the design process.  Like with all of my clients, I asked for 2-3 websites that Piccola Italia was inspired by.  From there, we did a complete redesign of their website.  The whole design project was took less than a week to complete since most of the content and imagery were already provided.  I worked to capture the mixture of old world family with modern technology.  Once the design project was complete, I wanted to make sure that Piccola Italia had full access to their website so they could make any necessary changes.  I didn’t want to compromise the essence of the design by the basic changes they would need to make so I took time to show Natasha at Piccola Italia how to make edits.

In the end Piccola Italia have been very happy with their new website, and more importantly, the control they now have over their web presence.

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